Ansari Fellowship Program
Ansari Fellowship Program
Building a generation of Iranian-American leaders in public service

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Our Story

Over the course of the last decade, the Iranian-American community in the United States has been the target of increasing discrimination. Starting with H.R. 158, and more recently with the abandonment of the Iran nuclear deal and the institution of the Muslim Ban, these policies are both unprecedented and unjustified.

The Ansari Fellowship Program was born in the wake of these times.

The premise is simple: Iranian-Americans are some of the most successful entrepreneurs, doctors, lawyers, engineers and scientists in the United States.  Yet, for various reasons, we remain vastly underrepresented in politics.  The consequences of this underrepresentation have never been so clear.

We are aiming to change that.  

Proactive civic engagement, advocacy, and leadership have never been so critical.  By encouraging and empowering young Iranian-Americans to pursue careers in public service, we intend to help give rise to an unprecedented generation of leaders in our community. 


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JUNE 2017

The Ansari Fellowship provided me hope during a time when I felt the particular hardships of being 'the other' – both through my existence as an Iranian American under our nation’s current administration and in my career.

Parisa Pirooz, 2017 Ansari Fellow, International Center for Not-For-Profit Law


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To achieve our mission, we need you. We need your ideas, your partnership, and your leadership to help give rise to an unprecedented generation of young Iranian-American leaders in public service. 


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